Along the shore of Napali coast awaits an adventure tour Go Blue Adventures. This tour includes a boat ride that begins on the southwest side of Kauai. Trailing the coast to the north western edge of the island. This tour guarantees turtle watching in Kauai. As we began our turtle watching in Kauai  I was … Continue Reading

These annual events in Malibu that took place far away in the hills in the Malibu mountains this past November fourth and fifth at the annual Mercado Sagrado festival. This highly conscious fair we founded on >Conscious City Guide as full of live music, transformative talks and constructive workshops. Besides the array of enlightening presentations, the … Continue Reading

When we realised we were announced that we were going to the Maldives. I was so excited. I have always heard great feedback from friends about their Maldives trip. These are the reasons why I am writing tips about what things to bring to the Maldives. Things To Bring To The Maldives Of course temperatures … Continue Reading

As one can imagine, the Indian Ocean has a diversity of sea creatures in the Maldives. A particular type of fish i found fascinating were the variety of starfish. These sea creatures in the Maldives come in different sizes and colours. The starfish pictured are called Sand Starfish. Types of Sea Creatures In The Maldives … Continue Reading

Malta is situated 50 miles south of Sicily and 207 miles north of Libya. Located in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea. This country offers incredibly beautiful, scenic landscapes. As you guys know by now, I am such a nature porn enthusiast and love capturing the textures and details of anything related to mother nature. … Continue Reading

  Surprisingly I have been Vegan in Malta to a few places in Europe,(reason being is because I’ve lived in London for the majority of my life and wanted to explore outside and beyond!) and always wanted to see more of Europe’s scenic landscapes. So I decided to travel to Malta for a week to … Continue Reading

I am absolutely loving these beautiful lipsticks from Hemp Organics! This is an Australian all around lippy brand. Dedicated to everything lippy! Including: lipsticks, lipgloss, lip liner and lip tints (lip balms). And of course Hemp Organics love to show off that they indeed use this moisturising ingredient to soothe and hydrate our lips! “Hemp … Continue Reading

I absolutely love the gorgeous collection of blushes by Ere Perez’s range! Ere Perez Blush in Bondi, Rose and Bronze Tones are my three favourites and I would like to share my personal reviews on these beautiful products! Ere Perez Blush Bondi Blush- This is one of my favourite everyday wear! The combination of pinks … Continue Reading

What can I say every girl who loves their make up always want the classic look! Orange/Red lipstick! A different tone of red, adds a difference and adding that deep orange tone adds that beautiful, fuller look that i absolutely love! It has that Autumn Bliss Feel! I absolutely adore this colour, as it makes … Continue Reading

For those who want to cut down on nuts, i have made this delightful sugar free and nut free breakfast which includes fruits and seeds. This is quick and easy and only takes a few minutes to make. However you would need a processor for this recipe. This recipe is absolutely gorgeous and is suitable … Continue Reading