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The best thing about following a plant based diet, for optimum health and nutrition are:

– Eating a variety of juicy,tasty fruits which all have medicinal properties

I absolutely love Thai fruits, especially fruits which bursts with flavour: such as Mangosteens and Tamarind. However, they are heavily priced in the Uk, even in Chinese supermarkets, so I buy the essential exotic fruits that are needed for my nutritional intake, to cure my eczema prone immune system.

The essential fruits I buy, which are indeed exotic are:

Thai Young Coconuts:

I’m half Thai! and yes I absolutely love young Thai coconuts as they have powerful medicinal health properties. To protect my skin from ongoing infections, I daily consume coconut oil or meat to rehydrate my body. Coconut oil has a cooling affect on the body and it is ideal for autoimmune chronic conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. My past experience to treat eczema involved with a great deal of antibiotics, which in the long term lowers the immune system and and kills beneficial microorganisms in our gut.

The reason why coconut meat and water are so healing, is because the fats in the coconut meat dehydrate the body and fights fungi, bacteria and candida inside the body.

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Papayas have easily digestible flesh with a good amount of soluble dietary fiber that aids bowel movements; thereby reducing constipation issues.

Papaya contains an important natural occurring enzyme, papain, which are so beneficial that the black seeds themselves, cures lava and parasites.


Pineapples naturally consists of the enzyme bromelain which are super beneficial for the body as they act as a digestible aid that breaks down proteins in the body easily. For this reason it is also taken as a supplement.

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