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I cannot believe it is Christmas!!!! Currently, i am in sunny Australia for Christmas Day!

Celebrating Christmas is all about spending time with our close friends and loved ones and I am lucky enough to spend my first ever Christmas Dinner abroad in Manly, Australia. It sure feels completely different by not spending Christmas in the cold, wintery months in London. However spending it abroad in the summer, has a complete different atmosphere and feel to a festive typical, Christmas day.

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What i love here in Australia is the fact that we are surrounded by beautiful cliffs and white sandy beaches. In my opinion, It is definitely the natural surroundings that captures this memorable special day. By preparing and eating a healthy festive Christmas dinner, using natural whole foods, the holistic approach to eating.


There is no better way to prepare our Christmas Day by picking our freshly picked greens from the garden!

This is what i love when living in a warmer country, there is so much life to offer! Plants are easily and rapidly grown, which means the quality and taste of home grown produce are bursting full of nourishing flavours and antioxidants. Everything just seems to grow here! It is absolutely amazing!
The lifestyle of having the fortune to be able to freshly pick greens straight from the garden are the most pleasurable, yet grounding and appreciative way to prepare our Christmas Feast. It consciously creates a sense of awareness of what goes into our bodies.


As it was Laura and I first attempt to try the traditional Aussie way of celebrating christmas, we decided to prepare a chunky leg of ham. Of course, this ham is not just any ordinary ham, it is grass fed and ‘wild’, directly from our local Shiralee, Butchers in Manly. With no hormones, antibiotics nor artificial colourings included. Living the chemical free way of celebrating and eating a healthy Christmas feast.


The Australians’ tend to have a leg of ham as their fundamental part of their meal. Making our own Gaps friendly version, our prime importance to the meals are of course fats and priobotics. Our dish consisted of two varieties of sauerkraut. A red cabbage one with Himalayan mineral salt, fermented for two weeks. these added an extra touch to the Christmassy scene as the purple/red hues instantly brings out the significance of how warm colours makes us feel, towards our special time in christmas.



The white cabbage one was only fermented for five days, mixed with a touch of New Zealand Sea Salt. Nutritiously, the red cabbage one had more priobotics, as the fermentation process would mean more bacteria would have multiplied, meaning it would have more beneficial bacteria to heal the damaged gut.
The succulent, tender ham was generously smothered with organic orange and apple juice, and garlic to add a flavoursome glaze. This adds a zingy, fruity yet savoury flavour that enhanced the natural sweetness of the ham. It was definitely a delicious meal that nourishing satisfied and enhanced my senses of taste and smell. A definite moment to remember.


The freshly picked garden veggies were sauteed in beef bone broth with chopped fresh herbs( rosemary, oregano, marjoram, black pepper) which adds a real boost of collagen from the bones and nutrients from the carrots, red onions, spring onions and herbs .


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