The reasons why i religiously live and breathe this type of lifestyle is because naturopathic nutrition is slowly healing me.
Traditional tribal communities and countries such as India and Thailand, still now uses natural medical system to ease illnesses as the healing nature of organic plants are incredibly affective.
Hippocrates,(460-370 BC) who is known for being the most outstanding figures in history of medicine, used plant medicinal properties to ease and cure illnesses too, in ancient Greece.

Ayurvedic medicine, which originated from India still uses this medical system today, and is one of the world’s oldest holistic (whole-body) healing systems. It was developed thousands of years ago in India.

As i have grown up with this horrible severe on and off skin condition i constantly have to moister my delicate skin. It has been extremely tedious and stressful, as i would cream and itch, cream and then scratch, constantly. Especially at night time. I would slather on conventional creams which were prescribed by conventional practitioners and were only a temporally relief,yet toxic to the body in the longterm.

No matter what chronic condition you may have, the majority of modern diseases appear to be rooted in an unbalanced mix of microorganisms in our digestive system (80% of chronic conditions relate to gut health), courtesy of our diet that is high on processed ingredients, such as refined sugars, food additives etc.

Drugs made by pharmaceutical industries (conventional medicine) are ideal to treat acute (short period of time) and emergency situations. For example treating a broken limb. However chronic (long period of time) diseases such as eczema, high blood pressure, cancer etc are affective and curable on an organic, high raw plant based diet, as plants have preventable properties (antioxidants) which protect us from disease. The reasons why raw foods are ideal for optimum health is purely because the nutritional content of food are not evaporated. Whole food nutrients are needed for our bodies to function properly, for energy, and these derive from antioxidants. There are many scientific books that have been written by scientists and doctors who studied conventional medicine who now practise naturopathic(natural) medicine. These books can be read for your own interest and possibly save your lives:

– The China Study, By T.Colin Campbell PhD & Thomas M. Campbell, MD

– Food Is Your Best Medicine, by Henry G Bieler. M.D

– Detoxification and Healing, by Sidney Macdonald Baker, M.D

– The Complete Book of Enzyme Therapy, by Dr. Anthony J. Cichoke

The reasons why I know I am naturally healing my condition is because I have read and watched many naturopathic books and Youtube videos which are lectured and written by naturopathic doctors . If it wasn’t for Lilly Bana’s Youtube video (her eczema experience), I may have not known about the naturopathic route, so I am so overwhelmingly grateful that the internet is so resourceful!

Here are some success stories on those who have cured themselves from a variety of degenerative diseases, through a high raw vegan diet:


Treating most chronic illnesses with drugs are a definitely a no no as they only treat the symptoms, but do not cure the root cause of illnesses. Most drugs have side affects and this is because they are toxic to our bodies. We are not designed to absorb synthetic drugs that do not naturally exist from mother nature. As they are not grown from soils. It is the content of the soils’ health that determines strong immune systems for plants, as it provides food, water and air. For this reason human health is affected by the health of the soils. Healthy soil affectively builds strong immune systems for humans and animals as plants turn sunlight to energy (photosynthesis) that consists all the nutrients for animals and humans to eat. This is the reason why we need food, for energy.

Opting the natural way means there would be no side effects nor any toxicity absorption. However healing naturally can take time and it is important to allow the body to heal naturally without the use of any drugs to suppress it. Otherwise disease will not be eliminated.

Eczema (my condition) :

Eczema is on a rise, and the reasons for this, are several. The main reasons are because we all live in a toxic environment, so toxic that pretty much everything has some levels of toxicity. From the air we breathe in to the tap water we bathe in, to the radiation we absorb from using electronic devices. It just shows how disconnected we are to nature. I am not trying to sound hippy, but it just shows how ill we become when being exposed to artificial and unnatural systems. That is the reasons why we feel stress free and happier when being surrounded by nature: walking in parks, in contact with the beach and sea. This is because we are biologically and instinctually designed to be connective with nature, and that is the same with food, too.

I have had eczema on and off since i was 6 months old. My grandfather had eczema, so it runs from my dads side of the family (my english side), but just because a family member has these genes, does not mean their child would inherit the chronic condition too. My brother does not have eczema for example. The reasons why I have eczema is because I have inherited a weak bank of digestible enzymes, from my fathers’ genes (as he eats poorly). What my father and mother ate, determined their health and their quality of digestible enzymes, which passes to their offspring (this is why nutrition is so important). It is both parents’ (yes, dad too) diet that determine their babies’ health. So eating toxic foods will weaken your body.Enzymes do not exist in processed foods or cooked foods and are needed to easily break down foods into the bloodstream, to function properly. This is why live foods (raw), which contains natural enzymes are essential in curing any chronic condition (even mental conditions) as raw foods naturally consist of enzymes.

My eczema has been so severe that when I was 1 years old, I was wrapped and bandaged in creams in the hospital, to ease the severe dryness and itchiness. However I was still able to scratch. I remember when i was 8 years old, I couldn’t walk because the creases at the back of my knees was infected with pus and open wounds and it would crack if i tried to move. So during that time i had to crawl to be able to move.

Three years ago, I had shingles and staphylococcus , due to constantly scratching my itchy skin. Eczema sufferers are more likely to be infected by these viruses because of having open wounds. I constantly felt stressed because of my skin condition, and the state of mind is also important to consider. Psychological health also determines your health and wellbeing and it is important to not feel constantly sad and stressed.However it is extremely difficult to not feel stress free because it is so traumatic and frustrating. Shingles and staphylococcus aurus can result to severity as they are infections that are able to affect beyond the skin, such as the nervous system.
I was constantly treated with antibiotic and antiviral drugs and steroid creams to kill these sort of infections and to ease my skin condition. However, little did I know these drugs were damaging my immune system,the toxicity of these drugs lead me to become even more ill from being treated from these long term use of medication.

A good example of how damaging longterm drugs are from Donia Alawi’s website:


This is when I searched on the internet to find alternative, natural ways to treat eczema, and it is when I logically realised how organic natural whole foods determines my health and wellbeing. So I read books such as the China Study and Food Is Your Best Medicine and literally realised how important it is to consume a plant based diet for life to allow natural healing of any disease. Within just a week only eating plant based foods, i realised an improvement with my eczema and began to research more on the beneficial properties and how certain food affects the body. For these reasons I am so passionate about health and food and this is why I am writing this blog, to educate and help others who have health problems. As I do not eat at inorganic, conventional restaurants I began to prepare my own meals, this lead me to be fascinated in preparing raw dishes. So i see food as medicine for its nutritional properties (and it is a shame that alternative medicine is not as mainstream as western -conventional medicine). Taste, is also important and I make sure every recipe taste delicious too.

These are the reasons why I make delicious raw nutritious dishes to heal my toxic body. I wanted to know more about how the body works internally and externally and the function of the body and so I now study naturopathic nutrition at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. At the moment I am studying BioMedicine in year one, which is very interesting to learn about the complexity of the body. Once qualified as a nutritional therapist I would be able to help those who are suffering from chronic illnesses.

Before studying at CNM I graduated at Ravensbourne College, University of the Arts London, reading Graphic Communication.

So I hope my blog would motivate and help those who are interested in improving their health and wellbeing, and to encourage consuming organic whole foods.