Why hello Malta! Surprisingly I have been to a few places in Europe,(reason being is because I’ve lived in London for the majority of my life and wanted to explore outside and beyond!) and always wanted to see more of Europe’s scenic landscapes. So I decided to travel to Malta for a week to seek … Continue Reading

For those who want to cut down on nuts, i have made this delightful sugar free and nut free breakfast which includes fruits and seeds. This is quick and easy and only takes a few minutes to make. However you would need a processor for this recipe. This recipe is absolutely gorgeous and is suitable … Continue Reading

I was absolutely addicted to Nutella, when I was a child as it was always heavily advertised. However the dark side of Nutella is that it contains harmful synthetic ingredients. Such as artificial vanillin flavour.This is not the naturally occuring vanilla plant! The scent and flavour is nothing but chemicals made in the laboratory.Due to … Continue Reading

I am such a breakfast enthusiast, and love the variety of fruits that can be combined to produce the ultimate, fruity chia pudding breakfast. Using food as a way to help the body is the most beneficial way to help us achieve our body’s state of health. So the best way to ease the body … Continue Reading

I just received these delicious new discovery of superfoods, tigernut. From Health and Harvest, a brand based in Sydney. Interestingly they are not even a nut, but are a dried root vegetable. Incredibly delicious when eaten by itself. Tastes deliciously like coconut but a drier version. As it is very fibrous and chewy. Can be … Continue Reading

I’m so excited to check out Paris’s health scene! As it is summer now, I am on a quest to find more healthy cafes that serve healthy french ice cream. As I came from Miami and tried out their desserts, going abroad for me means I am on the quest to try other nutritious and … Continue Reading

I had an amazing opportunity to travel to sunny, beautiful Miami! To of course discover Miami’s health scene and try out their healthy food cafes. Surprisingly enough they do not seem to have a large amount of health cafes compared to Los Angeles! However, I was luckily enough to find a few healthy spots, considering … Continue Reading

One of my favourite places- Byron Bay! Byron Bay is definitely beyond one of my favourite places to visit! Purely because it has a range of organic whole foods cafes, like these to offer! Naked treaties is by far an amazing cute organic cafe. As it is great for a smoothie, snack or for brunch. … Continue Reading

Whilst being in Sydney I thought it would be amazing to see what Sydney’s holistic scene has to offer. Luckily enough I attended this event advertised on Earth To Table’s instagram. Edible Beauty: This brand was founded by Anna Mitsios. An Australian Naturopath and Nutritionist. Who has great passion and belief in the power of … Continue Reading

I am so excited to try a healthy brunch meal from About Life. This place is one of my favourite eateries that serves and sells a variety of clean foods that caters to (raw vegans, vegans, paleo) the health conscious scene here in Sydney. The healthy brunch menu is to die for. This place is … Continue Reading