Autumn Bliss

What can I say every girl who loves their make up always want the classic look!

Orange/Red lipstick!

A different tone of red, adds a difference and adding that deep orange tone adds that beautiful, fuller look that i absolutely love!
It has that Autumn Bliss Feel!

I absolutely adore this colour, as it makes my lips fuller and the the deep orange red lipstick creates that striking look. A great look for an eye catching pose. Yet a sophisticated look!

Autumn Bliss

This natural lipstick is from the amazing brand Craving Cosmetics. An Aussie eco friendly brand who I absolutely love! Their lipstick colours are to die for! With a selection of gorgeous red, beige, pink and earthy tones for that everyday look! With deep red colours such as ‘Star Power’ for more of a statement look!

Autumn Bliss

But for now I’m talking about the colour Autumn Bliss!

Once applied onto my lips I feel the soothing natural oils hydrating my dry, chapped lips. This brand is amazing for those who want that thick, moisturising coating. Especially for those who have chapped or cracked skin! The lip coating covers the cracks, and gently soothes the skin. I must say this is ideal for wintery/autumn seasons.

The moisturising combination of certified organic Rosehip Oil & Jojoba Oil, and Natural Vitamin E are the key ingredients to this natural, non toxic lipstick. This lipstick contains 70% organic ingredients. Free from toxic chemicals, nano particles, artificial fragrances, parabens and synthetic preservatives. Absolutely vital for those who care about their bodies and who are supportive in the whole eco friendly system. It is also cruelty free and vegan friendly!

This lipstick is particularly amazing for those who want that sheer and matte effect.

I absolutely love this deep orange colour as it goes well seasonally. Yet formally too!

Autumn Bliss 3

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