Byron Bay

One of my favourite places- Byron Bay!

Byron Bay is definitely beyond one of my favourite places to visit!
Purely because it has a range of organic whole foods cafes, like these to offer!

Naked treaties is by far an amazing cute organic cafe. As it is great for a smoothie, snack or for brunch.
In store you’ll heavenly be exposed to their freshly prepared juices. Yes to Byron Bay!
The cafe offers a range of choices such as refreshing herbal teas and a selection of delicious raw cakes. Which are all 100% vegan and organic. And of course dairy and refined sugar free!

Byron Bay6

Breakfast at Byron Bay

With a variety of breakfast options: smoothies and crepes. Chai puddings to crunchy granola.
If you are highly addicted to thick consistency, milkshake like smoothies.
This is one of the best places! Considering I have travelled to many healthy cafes all over the world, this place by far, is the spot. As this cafe offers several delicious superfood smoothies that are beyond delicious and satisfying to my tastebuds.

I decided to follow my instincts to try the super colourful yellowy green smoothie, I am Amaze Balls which consisted of a mixture of super greens, lacuma, mama and mesquite. A highly fruity and soar combination of superfoods with a gorgeous blend of vanilla protein (sprouted organic brown rice).

Byron Bay7

For lunch I enjoyed a raw falafel and humous dish. With raw bread wrap made from nuts and herbs.
Although the cafe itself is pretty small. There’s an area outside with a few seatings with an informative board full of holistic events and yoga retreat workshops. Plenty of things to learn and discover!
Spoilt by choice and with a variety of interesting health and nutrition local events.

Byron Bay 3

Laid out with an impressive open kitchen. Where we see the creative actions happens!
Inside, it is colourfully decorated with vibrant eye catching stimuli. Such as motivating quotes.
That attracts a zen Byron Bay scene.

Byron Bay 2

The rustic-wooden decor and the colourful patterned cushions gives this cafe a touch of Byron Bay’s culture.

This cafe sums up the local yogi vibes. As this city is all about the nature lover scene. Surrounded by hippies playing traditional drums and guitars. Dancing energetically and singing freely outside the beautiful surroundings of the area .
(I will of course, post more about Byron Bay’s natural surroundings, to of course elaborate the importance of visiting their spectacular beaches and natural sceneries).

Byron Bay5

The cafe scene in general in Australia, opens early morning to early afternoon. Naked Treaties for instance opens daily from 8am-3pm.

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