For those who want to cut down on nuts, i have made this delightful sugar free and nut free breakfast which includes fruits and seeds. This is quick and easy and only takes a few minutes to make. However you would need a processor for this recipe. This recipe is absolutely gorgeous and is suitable … Continue Reading

I was absolutely addicted to Nutella, when I was a child as it was always heavily advertised. However the dark side of Nutella is that it contains harmful synthetic ingredients. Such as artificial vanillin flavour.This is not the naturally occuring vanilla plant! The scent and flavour is nothing but chemicals made in the laboratory.Due to … Continue Reading

I remember in my younger days, I was addicted to those crunchy fruit bars that made me heavily addicted.I literally was obsessed with them. Especially those unhealthy raw caramel slices, pretty much ate them several times a week. I loved the sweet and crunchy taste and texture that totally satisfied my taste buds (yet not … Continue Reading

I am such a breakfast enthusiast, and love the variety of fruits that can be combined to produce the ultimate, fruity chia pudding breakfast. Using food as a way to help the body is the most beneficial way to help us achieve our body’s state of health. So the best way to ease the body … Continue Reading

It is the time of the year to celebrate our love of Chocolate coated eggs, Bunnies and cute lil Chicks! I cannot wait to celebrate and prepare for the festive Easter holidays! The best part is actually preparing it the truthfully healthy way! By of course not including any conventional harsh ingredients. Such as white … Continue Reading

I cannot believe it is Christmas!!!! Currently, i am in sunny Australia for Christmas Day! Celebrating Christmas is all about spending time with our close friends and loved ones and I am lucky enough to spend my first ever Christmas Dinner abroad in Manly, Australia. It sure feels completely different by not spending Christmas in … Continue Reading

This creamy raw ‘pasta’ dish is super healthy, as it is dairy and gluten free. Most conventional pasta dishes still contains harmful, unsafe, processed ingredients (wheat) that makes the majority of us feel overly bloated! As this recipe is plant based, you will not experience the bloated feeling you would usually have from eating the … Continue Reading

This nourishing lunch is ‘bread’ and flour less free. Its ‘bun’ alone is an alternative to conventional malnourished bread that seems to be still popular for the majority of peoples’ eating habits. It is also gluten free, for those who are coeliac or is sensitive to gluten. The raw ‘bread’ is made up of flaxseeds … Continue Reading

Number one in the list of healing foods is greens. Consuming a variety of leafy greens provides optimum healing due to its phytonutrient profiles. Greens are indeed nutritional superstars that does everything to help you reverse chronic conditions such as eczema. Out of all colours, greens are renown worldwide (culturally, historically and scientifically) for its … Continue Reading

These energy balls are perfect for sweet snacks while on the go. They are so easy to make and are also bite size, which makes it portably convenient. They are alternatives to sweet snacks such as chocolate sweets and candy. The recipe for this are : – Coconut Meat ( 1 whole) – Walnuts (soaked … Continue Reading