I remember in my younger days, I was addicted to those crunchy fruit bars that made me heavily addicted.I literally was obsessed with them. Especially those unhealthy raw caramel slices, pretty much ate them several times a week. I loved the sweet and crunchy taste and texture that totally satisfied my taste buds (yet not … Continue Reading

I am such a breakfast enthusiast, and love the variety of fruits that can be combined to produce the ultimate, fruity chia pudding breakfast. Using food as a way to help the body is the most beneficial way to help us achieve our body’s state of health. So the best way to ease the body … Continue Reading

This creamy raw ‘pasta’ dish is super healthy, as it is dairy and gluten free. Most conventional pasta dishes still contains harmful, unsafe, processed ingredients (wheat) that makes the majority of us feel overly bloated! As this recipe is plant based, you will not experience the bloated feeling you would usually have from eating the … Continue Reading

So it is the time of the month to mingle and meet like minded foodies and brands who are darn right super health conscious and aware of the nourishing benefits of plant based foods. Super exciting! A wonderfully festive event ran by Nutritiously Natasha and Gloriously Delicious who are both food bloggers who uses the … Continue Reading

Despite taking me just over an hour to reach to the dinner destination, I was indeed very much looking forward to it. This raw dining club experience was very inviting and friendly! I was super excited to hear about it, as it was about time the raw vegan community have a regular dining experience for … Continue Reading

Number one in the list of healing foods is greens. Consuming a variety of leafy greens provides optimum healing due to its phytonutrient profiles. Greens are indeed nutritional superstars that does everything to help you reverse chronic conditions such as eczema. Out of all colours, greens are renown worldwide (culturally, historically and scientifically) for its … Continue Reading

Fruits are highly detoxifying in the body, especially in the morning, and this is why it is important to help the body to provide vital nutrients to aid it to naturally detoxify and eliminate toxins from the body. Every toxin, whether consumed or placed on the body (creams, cosmetics etc) are all stored internally in … Continue Reading

This carrot cake is like no other as it is so tasty and nutritious! It consists of a variety of different health benefits due to its ingredients, from herbs to dried fruit. The ingredients for the base are: – A cup of Soaked Almonds – A cup of Dates – A cup of Raisins – … Continue Reading

A few years ago, when i had no idea how extremely difficult it was for the body to digest unrefined carbohydrates, I was a pasta/spaghetti addict and my favourite dish was of course penne pesto. Refined carbohydrates such as spaghetti and noodles are not real foods, as the actual nutrititous part of the plant are … Continue Reading

Today I wanted to incorporate more coconut ingredients in my recipes, and so a delicious way to incorporate healthy healing fats, are by creating sweet desserts. Coconut is one of my daily prime ingredient. The reason is because it is incredibly beneficial for eczema prone sufferers. So instead of scooping the meat directly from the … Continue Reading