This creamy raw ‘pasta’ dish is super healthy, as it is dairy and gluten free. Most conventional pasta dishes still contains harmful, unsafe, processed ingredients (wheat) that makes the majority of us feel overly bloated! As this recipe is plant based, you will not experience the bloated feeling you would usually have from eating the … Continue Reading

This nourishing lunch is ‘bread’ and flour less free. Its ‘bun’ alone is an alternative to conventional malnourished bread that seems to be still popular for the majority of peoples’ eating habits. It is also gluten free, for those who are coeliac or is sensitive to gluten. The raw ‘bread’ is made up of flaxseeds … Continue Reading

A few years ago, when i had no idea how extremely difficult it was for the body to digest unrefined carbohydrates, I was a pasta/spaghetti addict and my favourite dish was of course penne pesto. Refined carbohydrates such as spaghetti and noodles are not real foods, as the actual nutrititous part of the plant are … Continue Reading