I had an amazing opportunity to travel to sunny, beautiful Miami! To of course discover Miami’s health scene and try out their healthy food cafes. Surprisingly enough they do not seem to have a large amount of health cafes compared to Los Angeles! However, I was luckily enough to find a few healthy spots, considering … Continue Reading

Decided to take advantage of the shopping centres and discovered this mall, Aventura based not so far from Miami South Beach. While shopping I briskly passed this health pop up cafe and stopped and analysed this present happy moment I discovered. This place made me smile, as i couldn’t see anything in this mall that … Continue Reading

So this was by far the only cafe that was open on Christmas Eve which was located on South Beach. Some of its produce are not organic, so it is important to enquire and ask the staff which dishes are organic or not. For instance my quinoa salad which was huge! was organic apart from … Continue Reading

This restaurant was by far my favourite out of all the ones i have experienced! However i did have a chance to try a variety of dishes, so that could be why! Everything here is of course organic and full of delicious and nutritious healthy meals for those organic lovers! I was recommended by the … Continue Reading

Just opposite Choices Cafe, a convenient organic juice and smoothie bar was directly spotted from our window view. Immediately I thought to myself i must pay a visit, for my own curiosity and diversity of experiencing the healthy, plant based lifestyle. The small cafe was decorated with hay and bamboo sticks which reminded me of … Continue Reading

As we were at SolGrass Shopping centre, which is about an hour away from South Beach, I quickly discovered an organic vegan cafe which was not too far from the centre. By taxi it took me 10 minutes to arrive to a new vegan discovery. The cafe itself is three years old, and i was … Continue Reading

So we decided to venture out like a typical tourist group to discover the Everglades in Miami. The Everglades is a natural marshy land only founded in the tropics. The Everglades National Park protects an unparalleled natural occuring landscape that provides important habitat for numerous rare and endangered species like the wader birds, American alligator, … Continue Reading

This journey from my hotel took 40 minutes by taxi, from South Beach. So this ride itself was pretty expensive, however it was all worth it considering the restaurant was a great experience. This restaurant was situated by the corner of the road, not at the most prettiest part of Miami. But i so desperately … Continue Reading

As I am in Miami with my family, we had to find an organic restaurant which caters not just for my needs, but also for other members’ of my family who are omnivores. So this hotel does serve meat and fish too. Once entering the hotel, i was fascinated by its superb grande entrance full … Continue Reading

Whenever I go away i try my best to take advantage of the beach as it is a natural therapy that is alternative to conventional spas and wellness treatments (without the use of artificial ingredients). Right now, I am in Miami and their beaches are full of layers of tones of blue sea water! The … Continue Reading