I’m so excited to check out Paris’s health scene! As it is summer now, I am on a quest to find more healthy cafes that serve healthy french ice cream. As I came from Miami and tried out their desserts, going abroad for me means I am on the quest to try other nutritious and … Continue Reading

I’m super excited to discover the first ever raw vegan restaurant in Paris!! Can you believe it! Of all places.. Paris! This is definately a suprise by me because the french traditionally adore their cheese , and more importantly they are deeply connected to and proud of their cheese and baguettes! Situated just in front … Continue Reading

After coming back from my post holiday blues in Miami, I decided to go to Paris for a couple of days to take advantage of their shopping sales. Paris is a perfect destination for sight seeing, rich in cultural history, shopping and of course french culinary. Although my problem is i do not eat typical … Continue Reading