This lipstick is Coral Blush by Craving Cosmetics. I absolutely love this coral lipstick colour as it sits suits amazingly well on my skin tone for a girly look! It is a medium pink and orangey mixture of colours, all two tones in one lipstick. Not too orangey nor too pink. But has that beautiful … Continue Reading

I just received these delicious new discovery of superfoods, tigernut. From Health and Harvest, a brand based in Sydney. Interestingly they are not even a nut, but are a dried root vegetable. Incredibly delicious when eaten by itself. Tastes deliciously like coconut but a drier version. As it is very fibrous and chewy. Can be … Continue Reading

I am so delighted to try out these gorgeous Chemical Free lipsticks by Dusty Girls. They are from a company Moo Goo, who provides natural and healthy free skincare specialising in problematic skin. Their Moo Goo range are made from healthy cow’s milk and wholesome ingredients that soothes dry skin conditions. Such as eczema and … Continue Reading

So one of my favourite Aussie brands’ here are by Craving Cosmetics. They are not such a well known brand here however I cannot stress how amazing this particular lipstick brand is. This colour in particular is French Latte. It has an amazing warmth of peach redish/dark brown blend. Which are just right, not too … Continue Reading

Whilst being in Sydney I thought it would be amazing to see what Sydney’s holistic scene has to offer. Luckily enough I attended this event advertised on Earth To Table’s instagram. Edible Beauty: This brand was founded by Anna Mitsios. An Australian Naturopath and Nutritionist. Who has great passion and belief in the power of … Continue Reading

I am so excited to try a healthy brunch meal from About Life. This place is one of my favourite eateries that serves and sells a variety of clean foods that caters to (raw vegans, vegans, paleo) the health conscious scene here in Sydney. The healthy brunch menu is to die for. This place is … Continue Reading

Having a Zesty time in the Garden! Growing our own food brings great joy and happiness! Mother nature has intended to provide us with the best source of whole foods. That is why i absolutely love picking freshly grown lemons off our tree! Nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables from our very own garden are considerably … Continue Reading

I’m so excited to receive Happy Skincare’s Natural Deodorant!! This isn’t just any type of deodorant! It is 100% Natural, 51% Organic! A rather impressive little pot full of Skin Deep Goodness! It is of course Aluminium free! Unlike conventional Antiperspirants which are contaminated by toxins- such as the various types of Aluminium salts. Aluminium … Continue Reading

It is the time of the year to celebrate our love of Chocolate coated eggs, Bunnies and cute lil Chicks! I cannot wait to celebrate and prepare for the festive Easter holidays! The best part is actually preparing it the truthfully healthy way! By of course not including any conventional harsh ingredients. Such as white … Continue Reading

At the moment i am currently in Australia. The reasons why i have decided to travel here is because Australia is one of many top green countries in the world. When i say ‘green’, i also refer to how beautiful and scenic this country has to offer. You can easily be surrounded by beaches, lakes … Continue Reading