I am so delighted to try out these gorgeous Chemical Free lipsticks by Dusty Girls.

They are from a company Moo Goo, who provides natural and healthy free skincare specialising in problematic skin. Their Moo Goo range are made from healthy cow’s milk and wholesome ingredients that soothes dry skin conditions. Such as eczema and psorosis.


I absolutelty love their cardboard, chic packaging. Made from sustainable and biodegredable ingredients which goes with their ethos. An eco friendly, save the earth, health brand.


Dusty Girl’s kindly gave me : Cacao Shake, Guava Pink and Maca Nude. And Pink Ladies Natural Mineral Blush.

But for now I will be focusing on this gorgeous natural chemical free Cacao Shake shade.

I am such a lippy fan and love discovering and trying out natural and toxic free brands that caters to my natural lifestyle. I am the girl that daily applies and carries her lipstick wherever I go! So it is definitely an essential for me!

This gorgeous lipstick has a light soothing feel once applied onto my lips. As it is made from safe, synthetic free ingredients. Made from Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil and Shea butter. Which helps nourish and condition our lips. What a nourishing combination!

It has warm shades of mahogany brown and a tint of nude. Ideal for a natural look. But in need of definition. Great for an every day, effortless look. Which adds depth and a definition.

Dusty Girl’s lipsticks are not the most moisturising lippys out there. Applying it on the lips every few hours will be needed. Apart from that I am amazingly satisfied as it consists of nourishing and beneficial ingredients for our skins. The fact that they only use natural ingredients is a no brainer!

Especially from someone who has suffered from on and off eczema for 26 years!

Guess what? Their range are vegan, paraben and synthetic dye free. They also make sure no coal based colours are used in their skincare and make up range.

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