Chia Pudding

I am such a breakfast enthusiast, and love the variety of fruits that can be combined to produce the ultimate, fruity chia pudding breakfast.

Using food as a way to help the body is the most beneficial way to help us achieve our body’s state of health. So the best way to ease the body from congestion. Is to help the body to process detoxification. in the morning, the body naturally removes toxins and waste. As that is the natural body clock. This is why we have the urge to go to the loo. The reasons why we have crusty eyes and stinky breath. This is because the body heals during our sleep, at night time. and it is still an on going process. Which the body removes waste. So to aid the body, it is best o avoid heavy foods in the morning!!

Especially by adding fruits such as mangos and coconuts will help !

This recipe is very quick to prepare, and only consists of four ingredients! which will help the body to detoxify.

Chia pudding is the ultimate breakfast idea for those who want a health energy boosting snack in the early morning. The chia gel, of course has a gel consistency but with a seedy texture. What a crunchy, pleasurable experience to nibble on!

The Chia gel is what we are after and is the main component in this meal, well apart from mangos!

Due to the season, and how happy I felt i decided to use mango. Mango is the perfect fruit to add a sweet delicious fruity pudding as it pure sweetness. The natural sweetness of mango does not even require me to add extra sugar to the recipe!

Chia Pudding 2
The ingredients are:

* Mango

* Chia Seeds

* Coconut Milk


-Allow 20 minutes for the chia seeds to soak with the coconut milk. For the gel to form.
-Chop one whole mango into cubes and add them onto the pudding.
-Mix well and eat!

Bon Appetite!

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