This restaurant was by far my favourite out of all the ones i have experienced! However i did have a chance to try a variety of dishes, so that could be why!

Everything here is of course organic and full of delicious and nutritious healthy meals for those organic lovers!

I was recommended by the waitress to try their Nori rolls, and so i took her offer and decided to give it a try.
These rolls were superbly scrumptious and tasty, considering there were so much variety of veggies: courgettes, carrots, avocado, mango,tomatoes and mixed greens. The sauce inside were so creamy and crunchy, with the use of scrumptious walnut pate. The sauce was a tad bit spicy too.


This layered cake caught my eye immediately! The layers upon layers of superfood toppings which were made with semi roasted shredded coconut. It tasted so heavenly! I just needed a moment to remember my presence of tasting this divine sweet and nourishing dessert, before writing how satisfying this cake was!

These dishes were obviously shared with friends, and so we indulged into these vibrant all natural organic slices. It was absolutely bursting with flavour! Almost tasting like chilli con carne! Underneath the shredded carrots were an amazing sauce that consists of beans, a mixture of spices, tomato sauce and walnut pate. The crust itself was made from oven baked sprouted grain, one hundred percent safe and gluten free. The crust was strong enough to hold the heavy weight of grated vegetables and i was surprised how well the base held all the vegetables. As it looked pretty heavy! But it did not slightly come apart, which was amazing considering how much vegetables were piled on top of the healthy crust.
On top of the shredded carrots consisted of drizzled ‘cheese’ and pesto sauce which were made from creamy, buttery soaked cashew and pine nuts and basil leaves.This small amount of sauce made it so creamy and indulgently rich in flavour. Although this pizza was semi raw, it is by far the best I’ve ever had!


I mistakenly bought this cake without realising there were cacao inside it, however i did taste it and the cocoa layer tasted absolutely amazing! Very rich in dark chocolate, with a crunchy texture to it, due to the nibs. However i didn’t finish it as I need to try and avoid cacao due to its natural occurrence of caffeine.

This cake on the other hand is completely safe for me to consume, as it thankfully doesn’t contain cacao. This lemon cake is both sweet and tangy at the same time, with a nutty date crust. The lemony flavour really adds a refreshing and fruity taste, that are so nourishing and delicious at the same time. This cake was super filling.


The restaurant itself had a vibrant interior to it with a variety of different colours scattered around the restaurant. With a clean, modern approach to it. Drop Lights hanging down the wall, which has an American, modern kitchen twist to it. If i was living in Miami, I could definitely see myself regularly eating at this superb delicious and healthy restaurant.





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