This lipstick is Coral Blush by Craving Cosmetics.

I absolutely love this coral lipstick colour as it sits suits amazingly well on my skin tone for a girly look!

It is a medium pink and orangey mixture of colours, all two tones in one lipstick. Not too orangey nor too pink. But has that beautiful look that brings out our femininity. A very girly, innocent colour. This lipstick is one that I would apply almost everyday as it goes with pretty much anything.

coral 2

Lovely medium pink and orange mixed colours lipstick – just right, not too heavy or too light on lips. It contains soothing infusion of certified organic Rosehip Oil & Jojoba Oil, and Natural Vitamin E to pamper your lips. It produces both sheer and matte effect. This lipstick glides on effortlessly and enhances the lips with its creamy texture for a gorgeous pout.

As you can see i do not edit my photos, apart from tweaking the brightness, but in this look I am not wearing foundation or coverage. So no concealer being used.

coral lipstick 3

I absolutely love this colour and look! The lipstick itself looks dark from the outside, however it is a lot lighter- once applied onto the lips. It has that medium pink/orangey/coral colours that lightens your face

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