I just received these delicious new discovery of superfoods, tigernut. From Health and Harvest, a brand based in Sydney. Interestingly they are not even a nut, but are a dried root vegetable. Incredibly delicious when eaten by itself. Tastes deliciously like coconut but a drier version. As it is very fibrous and chewy. Can be eaten on the go as a snack, However by having several of these chewy ‘nuts’ may make your jaw ache. As a lot of chewing is involved. So beware! Best to soak them for burst of intense flavour! And for a smoother, moist texture.

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Tigernuts are an ancient superfood. Which are a completely natural and nourishing root vegetable. They played a vital source of antioxidants and nutrition for our ancestors from Northern and Eastern Africa, 2 million years ago.They are a versatile food. They can be eaten straight from the pack. Or they can be rehydrated by soaking them in the water. Either soaked in water or eaten dry they have a sweet, nutty, buttery and coconut flavour!

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Tigernuts consists of high iron and potassium plus other antioxidants.

A popular drink made with tigernuts , Horchata are drank in Spain. Made by soaking the tigernuts. In Spain, ‘chufa’ are indeed refereed to tigernuts. They are soaked to make a ‘chufa’ drink. Similar to a nut milk. These tigernuts are grown in the Valencia region in Spain, they are used to make the popular drink,

Tigernuts can also be turned into flour. This means they are gluten,nut and dairy free. For those who are not so keen on nuts, this flour is a great alternative to use to create a variety of dishes.

As I have the opportunity to discover this particular type of flour I have decided It would be great to create pancakes, without the use of nuts nor gluten. Recipe for this will be posted soon!

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