ere perez blush

I absolutely love the gorgeous collection of blushes by Ere Perez’s range!
Ere Perez Blush in Bondi, Rose and Bronze Tones are my three favourites and I would like to share my personal reviews on these beautiful products!

Ere Perez Blush

Bondi Blush- This is one of my favourite everyday wear! The combination of pinks and peaches allows my cheeks to naturally glow! The two colour combination instantly gives me a pink guava and a light grapefruit feel. Which instantly gives me a refreshing look.

ere perez blush 2

ere perez blush 6

Rose Tones- On the other hand this blusher gives my skin a more peachy, slightly darker yet subtle look.
As I gently brush those fine bristles of rose tone blush onto my cheeks it instantly gives me a peach and a hint of caramel glow. Both Bondi and Rose Tones blushers are beautiful and quiet similar in colour. Although Bondi Blush has a more brighter feel.

ere perez 3

ere perez blush 5

Bronze Tones-

This blusher also acts as a bronzer. It gives me a beautiful golden highlight around my nose and above my cheekbones. Instantly giving me a beautiful tan uplift. Also used as a blusher on my cheeks to give a warm, summery look. This colour is needed for the wintery months here in Sydney. It instantly gives me a shimmery and sun kissed, natural look.
I especially need this tan booster as my skin becomes more whiter.
A hint of bronzer glow makes a massive difference for my winter ‘pale’ skin. Overall It gives me an amazing natural bronze tone, much needed for a warmer healthier look in the colder wintery months.

ere perez blush 4

ere perez 7

All of these powder products are made from amazing natural ingredients.The super pressed rice powders gives a smooth qpplication once applied onto my cheeks and bronzing spots.

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