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These annual events in Malibu that took place far away in the hills in the Malibu mountains this past November fourth and fifth at the annual Mercado Sagrado festival. This highly conscious fair we founded on >Conscious City Guide as full of live music, transformative talks and constructive workshops.

Besides the array of enlightening presentations, the fair featured a variety of eco-friendly and conscious products. You could find anything from organic beauty, to vintage clothing, accessories, jewelry. Home goods and most importantly organic food. 

events in malibu skincareAnother interesting tent at the event in Malibu consisted of hand-crafted essential oil sprays made from organic non-GMO materials created by GoldA. Their scents ranged from fresh lavender inspired by the mountain culture of Topanga, to warm hints of cedar wood and sweet floral scents.

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Another intriguing booth at the event in Malibu was Earth + Element. Elizabeth Di Prinzio, artist and owner of the brand, has put together beautiful collections of handmade dinnerware that will accent any rustic setting. Her lead-free stoneware are the perfect replacement to conventional dinnerware. Elizabeth only uses natural elements from the earth in order to stay true to her conscious vision, including using ingredients such as clay and gold.

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After a beautiful drive through Malibu Canyon we arrived at Paramount Ranch for one of the events in Malibu. Greeted by the hospitable staff we checked in to the bohemian festival and were given guides about all the happenings for the day. We were immediately impressed by the variety of options we could choose from. There were sound baths at the events in Malibu.  Breath work and meditation healing. Talks about numerology and spirituality, workshops informing you how to grow your own food were some of the events in Malibu.  An introduction to tarot cards, mindfulness, fermentation, and so much else. We decided to check out the handmade goods at all the merchant shops before attending “Love and the Science of Numerology” hosted by Josh Siegel.

We were so excited to see that the Gaia School of Healing had their own tent at Mercado Sagrado. They had wonderful herbal teas, herbs, and enlightening advice about plant and herbal medicine. Apothecary made simple! Witch magic is on the rise and this family of witches couldn’t be any more loving and supportive of teaching others about their practices.

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As we wandered through the other retail tents we came across one of our favorites, MerchantModern. There we met Michelle, and fell in love with all of her rugs, art, ceramics and furniture. She had an amazing variety of  spiral straw bags, straw rugs, midcentury chairs and Moroccan rugs that would accent any bohemian living space. Definitely Southern California vibes at her shop.
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events in malibu

Perfect for the home goods lover was the tent 19Candles, where we met the owners. They offered handmade in Topanga Canyon soy-wax candles that are non-GMO encased in quality stoneware holders. Not only did the candles smell amazing, but their incense did as well.

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Time flew by as we soon had to make our way to the the talk on Numerology. Josh Siegal is one of the foremost leaders when it comes to teaching others the meaning behind the intersection of love and numerology. He enlightened the audience about how significant our birth dates and given names are, as they serve to be the code that reveals the hidden meanings in our lives.

For anyone with the time and curiosity I highly recommend delving into numerology. It is a growing science and personally raised many insights into my own life that I had trouble seeing prior to Josh’s talk.

After this refreshing talk, we felt so recharged and refreshed with the plethora of new information that we decided to spend some time soaking up the California sunshine. The girls and I found some lovely teepees and took some time to embrace the positive energy around us and to be grateful to be surrounded by like-minded conscious individuals who care about wholesome healthy living.

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