French Ice Cream

I’m so excited to check out Paris’s health scene!

As it is summer now, I am on a quest to find more healthy cafes that serve healthy french ice cream. As I came from Miami and tried out their desserts, going abroad for me means I am on the quest to try other nutritious and healthy ice cream! But this time french ice cream!
Paris doesn’t seem to have a variety of health conscious restaurants or cafes. I guess because they are known for loving their traditional french cuisine and ways. Their love for baguettes and macaroons!

French Ice Cream 2

Luckily enough i did find a few places that serve organic food, with my eager quest i came across this cute small blue cafe. This place was my first eatery I discovered in Paris. It was definitely an easy catch! As i approached this strikingly blue cafe i instantly felt the warming affect of happiness. I immediately raged through their menu and found a selection of desserts!

My hunt for french ice cream that is healthy and nourishing both inside and out has finally came true!

With a modern yet organic twist, this cafe came across as a very refreshing and clean eatery.

The cafe consisted of organic characteristics – rustic ornaments of natural objects which made me feel like i was in contact with nature. The strong ambiance of wooden and hay like materials enabled me to enjoy my happy presence. As it represented nature.

French Ice Cream 3

First of all, we tried this healthy creamy french ice cream. Made with raw coconut meat which consists of bits. These elements added a fluffy and chewy texture. Lightly sprinkled with carob powder. The overall ice cream had a smooth and creamy consistency that is exactly the same as commercial, toxic ice cream! But without cholesterol, chemically genetic modified nasties( which are all hidden allergens). It was absolutely epic!
The combination of ginger spice with coconut added a delicious combination of aromas. This deliciously addicted french ice cream had a hint of ginger spice combined with the coconut too. These combinations of exotic ingredients kicked my tastebuds instantly!

French Ice Cream 5

We also shared a traditional french compote (but a healthy version of course), made with seasonal pears and cinnamon. A very fruity yet satisfying dessert. Very easy on the digestion due to its purée consistency. Definitely a light sweet and warming dessert needed after my main meal.

A variety of superfoods are promoted and sold inside the cafe. These selling points automatically made me curious to discover new unheard of super foods and browse to see what they have to offer! The organic packaging of these super foods visually complimented well with the cafe’s decor.

French Ice Cream 8

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