Number one in the list of healing foods is greens. Consuming a variety of leafy greens provides optimum healing due to its phytonutrient profiles. Greens are indeed nutritional superstars that does everything to help you reverse chronic conditions such as eczema.

Out of all colours, greens are renown worldwide (culturally, historically and scientifically) for its healing powers.This is because the colour green is associated with photosynthesis – a natural process where plants absorb sunlight to convert it into usable energy, for storage, to be used as food for animals and humans to eat.

To receive maximum levels and benefits of chlorophyl (green pigment from vegetables) do not cook green vegetables as all the nutrients will evaporate from the heat. If you want to start slow, the second affective way to nutritionally absorb greens are by lightly steaming. However going all the way raw is of course the best!

The best affective method are juicing. Raw green juices are an easy way to include a variety of greens in your daily eating habits. They are ideal for optimum healing, as the body uses little energy to break down large particles of food into the bloodstream, to be able to efficiently provide nutrients to different parts of the body. This means the body requires less energy to efficiently allow easy digestion. This not just allow nutrients to nourish the body, but it also allows the process of detoxification (which only occurs with plant based foods).

The detoxifying power of greens:

Detoxification starts from 8pm-11am, and this process requires cells to discard toxins out from the body. This is why many of us need to urinate straight away when we wake up in the morning ( and the reasons why we are so thirsty).

The best time of the day to consume juices are for dinner (a large salad can be replaced to green juices too). This is because greens offer the liver detoxification nutrients, for example brussel sprouts promotes the process of the liver’s detoxification enzymes, aiding to neutralise carcinogenic chemicals and discard them from the body.
Greens such as collard greens, kale, spinach, swiss chard, romaine lettuce, mustard greens and turnip greens are all highly beneficial for the process of detoxification.

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