Hazelnut Cacao Spread

I was absolutely addicted to Nutella, when I was a child as it was always heavily advertised. However the dark side of Nutella is that it contains harmful synthetic ingredients. Such as artificial vanillin flavour.This is not the naturally occuring vanilla plant!
The scent and flavour is nothing but chemicals made in the laboratory.Due to low costs, extraction of synthetic vanilla is actually shockingly made in the lab. This is incredibly shocking to research a flavour that is invented by man. The worst part of this is that it contains unlabelled MSG and it is not a nutrient. So it does not benefit the body with any nourishing nutrients at all.
MSG(also known as E621) acts as an excitotoxin. This substance stimulates the reward area of the brain. Which makes us think it tastes better than it actually does. As a result from eating MSG, it also encourages us to eat more of it. So we become addicted to it!

This is the reasons why I want to create my own healthier version, hazelnut cacao butter spread.

Hazelnut Cacao Spread 2

There are many scientific studies which shows that excitotoxin are a cause to a variety of neurological conditions. Migraines, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and specific types of obesity are a couple of diseases that can develop.

Being nutritionally aware of food honestly makes you realise how the majority of giant food brands consists of cancerous ingredients. Such as GMO emulsifier, soy lecithin and Palm oil.

Hazelnut Cacao Spread 3

Hazelnut cacao butter spread is made from pure whole foods, that are found in its natural state. How mother nature intended! These ingredients provide nourishing nutrients inside and out of our bodies. What a better alternative!

An alternative to the traditional ingredients of Nutella are:

– Cacao Powder
– Maple Syrup
– Hazelnuts
– Coconut Oil


Soak a cup of hazelnuts for 3 hours minimum, drain the excess water and place them into the processor.
Add 2 tablespoons of cacao, depending how chocolate you want it to taste.
Then add 6 tablespoons of coconut oil.
Make sure to scrape the sides, as needed to create a smooth thick spread consistency.

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