Hemp Organics

I am absolutely loving these beautiful lipsticks from Hemp Organics!

This is an Australian all around lippy brand. Dedicated to everything lippy! Including: lipsticks, lipgloss, lip liner and lip tints (lip balms). And of course Hemp Organics love to show off that they indeed use this moisturising ingredient to soothe and hydrate our lips!

“Hemp Seed Oil also has a high percentage of Essential Fatty Acids and anti-oxidants. It also contains moisture-balancing properties. These vitamins and minerals present in Hemp Seed Oil are easily absorbed through the delicate skin of your lips. Resulting in moister and softer lips after only a few weeks of using Hemp Organics products.”

Made with all natural ingredients with non toxic materials.

Their ingredients are super safe and contains no harsh, damaging synthetic ingredients such as parabens nor mineral oils. Or carcinogenic substances. Such as Methylparaben that promotes cancer. This of course damages our bodies both internally and externally. It is so important to use safe ingredients as all toxins are stored in our fat cells. Which means they are not released but kept inside us. This to me seems very scary and worrying. And makes me realise whatever is placed onto our skin can effect our state of health dramatically. This is why I love this brand! Everything is safe and nourishing!

Hemp Organics 3

Hemp Organics 4

The ingredients inside this gorgeous colourful lipstick are made from: Beeswax, Carmine, Castor Oil, Carnauba Wax, Hemp Seed Oil, Mica, Natural Vitamin E oil and jojoba oil.
All of these ingredients are nourishing and allows this lipstick to sit on my lips beautifully. This colour is perfect for an everyday wear as it isn’t too out there or too bright! A subtle pinky look that is very feminine and pretty. An amazing colour to apply daily!

The colour I am currently wearing is Coral. A pinky pigment that brings out colour onto my lips! I absolutely love this shade!

To purchase any of their product click here http://www.hemporganics.com.au/hemp_organics_products.php?cat=1

I still need to try out their lip tints, lip liners and lip glosses! What a range of products they have! All made from amazing goodness! I cannot wait to try their other lippy products and place my reviews and experimentations on this space!

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