This raw fruit cake is so tangy and nutty that you’ll become so addicted to it!

The cake is purely sugar free, gluten , vegan and dairy free!!! that it is so hard to believe that it is entirely raw!

The raw almond naturally consist of : protein, calcium and tons of plant based goodness!

No heat involved in the making of this homemade cake as it is essential to consume all the vitamins and goodness of these plants to nourish our bodies and help detoxify our toxic bodies. Even though i no longer consume conventional inorganic foods we are still in contact of highly dangerous chemicals from the pollution we breathe into our lungs, to radiation from devices and tap water we bathe in! Yes , even the water from our taps are highly toxic and contains: harsh metals, chlorine and other harmful substances.

Almonds naturally lowers blood cholesterol, reduces heart attack risks and helps build strong bones and teeth. They Naturally nourishs the nervous system too.

This is an amazing alternative to conventional fruit cakes which are traditionally made with toxic, manmade and unnatural ingredients which can result to illness.

Anyhow, i am off topic on demonstrating the recipes of this amazing cake.

So the ingredients are:

For the base:

* Organic Figs

* Dates

* Mulberries

* Prunes

* Soaked Almonds

For the top

* Soaked Almonds (soak for 6 hours)

Pour the base ingredients into a processor and blend all of them until they become mushy, so they stick together. This texture allows all the ingredients to hold place.

Place the sticky contents into an angle rectangular cake pan, this will help shape the cake.



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