As I am on holiday in Miami, it is essential to find places and nourishing products that would be ideal for my medicinal needs.

Luckily enough, by the lobby of my hotel (Fontainebleau in South Beach) I discovered an organic cold pressed juice brand, Juicera. Located inside an unhealthy cafeteria, Chez Bon Bon which also sells American sweets and pastries. How ironic! These juices are obviously raw and highly nourishing and super healthy.

I was super excited and therefore bought a few flavours to try and taste their nourishing juices to heal my fragile skin and body.

Metabolic Lemonade: Lemon, Cayenne Pepper, Coconut Palm Nectar, Filtered Water

This lemony drink has a spicy warming throat affect, similar to ginger, due to the distinctive hint of cayenne pepper. Absolutely enjoyed these combination of flavours as it reminds me of the exotic flavours of Thai culinary, spicy and sour. Tangy, tart flavour with a distinctive strong warming spice affect.

Watermelon X-press: Watermelon, Apple, Mint

The sweet watermelon and fresh mint super-foods are so refreshing and the combination of the two fused deliciously. The sweetness of the watermelon reminds me how hydrating and sweet watermelons are in the summer. They are definitely the fruits I crave for in the heat!

Pineapple Press: Pineapple, Mint, Apple

These simple three ingredients are so basic, yet tasty. So Thirst quenching that these flavours are incredibly fruity and sweet (pineapple and apple) in flavour. The mint adds a refreshing, cooling affect. What a highly rejuvenating and satisfying drink!


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