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Malta is situated 50 miles south of Sicily and 207 miles north of Libya. Located in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea.

This country offers incredibly beautiful, scenic landscapes. As you guys know by now, I am such a nature porn enthusiast and love capturing the textures and details of anything related to mother nature.

For those who love to venture out. To explore and travel. This country definitely has a variety of stunning nature. Including plenty of rocks and cliffs. What a great place to drone.  

Travelling in Malta

Are for those who enjoy a bit of history and water sports. Especially for those who love to dive.

When diving in Malta expect water temperatures to be 15-17°C/58-63°F from December time. Through April. 18-25°C/65-77°F from May.


The beauty of this place are that there are tons of limestone cliffs. Which overlooks the Mediterranean sea. This is what gives Malta a breath taking place to travel extensively. One of the primal reasons to indulge the scenic sceneries.

Just three hours from London you can escape the harsh wintery months. To come to soak up some mediterranean sun.

The three main destinations to travel are the islands: Malta, Gozo, and Comino. They all offer something different. Including history, water sports, scenic coastal views, and mediterranean dishes.

Malta is a great opportunity to also explore their ancient history buildings and architecture. However knowing me, I just can’t get enough of capturing the beauty and essence of rocks and stones.

malta rocks

The people from Malta are influenced by their rich culture of Arabic, Italian and English influence. With a rich mix of Arab and Italian influences. Which influenced their traditional architecture and of course cuisines.

Malta is just full of beautiful sceneries, ancient historical buildings and beautiful cobblestone flooring.

As I explored around Malta I came across this man who creates his own Maltese Sea Salt. People of Malta take pride and tradition in preparing their food in an authentic way. The traditional way to prepare and make healthy dishes. The mediterranean way.


malta blue sea


malta ocean


malta travel

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