I was so excited once entering this cute, small cafe which only took 6 miles from South Beach.

The cafe itself is vibrantly decorated with bright painted walls and colourful pieces of artwork. This really reminded me of the art scenery in an area which is renown for its Art museums in Miami, Wynewood (similar to Shoreditch) The paintings and interior had a child like feel to it, which to me resembles the happy benefits of consuming a high raw organic plant based diet. The characteristics of this cafe symbolises the happiness of eating clean foods- as choice of colour and decor represents the mindset of eating, healthy plant based foods.





This dish is just so astonishing to admire and look at. It is so memorising how simple whole food ingredients can still look presentable and enticing. This dish is creatively presentable with the use of culinary innovation tools and food art imagination.

The yellow edible flowers are from courgettes which doesn’t exactly have any type of flavour apart from the beautifully made scone like cashew nut cream elegantly placed inside it.

It is these imaginative creations that inspire me to want to discover Matthew Kenny’s Culinary Programme in the states, to improve my culinary and plant based techniques in this niche industry.

This appetiser was so delicately placed together, and i just didn’t want to destroy the chef’s masterpiece. But i had no choice, but to consume their amazing handmade creations which was full of healthy healing fats of avocado and cashew nut butter. This dish tasted so creamy and velvety with the courgette flowers.This is actually the first time i’ve tried edible flowers and it was a great and educative experience. It just makes me want to experiment and try more edible flowers in my diet.


This vibrant raw main course is made from dehydrated mango and sun dried tomato wrap. Which tasted fruity and savoury. Absolutely delicious! Inside the wraps they are full with carrots, cucumbers, sprouts and delicious guacamole sauce! So refreshing and nourishing as these raw foods are super healing for my skin
The intensity of these organic and colourful foods reminds me how beautiful and beneficial natural foods are for humans and animals.


This beautifully enticing ice cream is another masterpiece that is visually admiring to take photos of. This dessert was a special of a day, and consisted of lemon and avocado raw ice cream. Nut clusters were also scattered around the cold dessert which made the experience even more crunchy and nutty! The ice cream had thick and rich lemony and avocado flavour which was also made with coconut butter, oil and cashew nuts. So creamy and smooth. This dessert was also topped with carob sauce and pretty, edible flowers, to add sweetness and admiration. This was absolutely delicious and filing!

Overall i thought this cafe in particular was delicious and a wacky and fun place to discover their ethical and tasty dishes.

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