As we were at SolGrass Shopping centre, which is about an hour away from South Beach, I quickly discovered an organic vegan cafe which was not too far from the centre. By taxi it took me 10 minutes to arrive to a new vegan discovery.

The cafe itself is three years old, and i was lucky enough to talk to the owners of the restaurant. They are both Colombian and have transitioned their processed eating habits to only eating a high raw vegan diet for life. Jenny’s reason was because she was diagnosed with an overgrowth of candida and realised that if she had not changed her eating habits she would have developed early stages of cancer. Her husband too had health problems and he was on medication for 24 years to treat high cholesterol, and never became better. As a result from taking these drugs he became depressed and felt unwell. So she introduced her husband to an organic plant based lifestyle from her homeopathist, and within 6 months it cured his high cholesterol levels and eliminated her candida overgrowth. Jenny was such a genuine and happy person and I am so privileged to get to meet her as it is so astonishing to hear a story about how they overcame a degernative condition that could have killed them.
Their personal perspective was an incredible story to listen to from a person who too suffers from an chronic illness and I too had been taking drugs from the past to treat my condition.


The cafe itself has a clean and neat design to it. Using two colours of green and white to symbolise the colours of nature and purity.



They even stock other brand products like superfoods and ready made desserts, which is super exciting to discover different American brands!


This cafe even sells Essential oil kits which are an amazing therapy for health and wellbeing or to make certain products. Like creams, toiletries, shampoos, kitchen sprays etc. The oils from the plants have healing and medicinal properties that help prevent or ease certain conditions, instead of using the conventional harmful products.



I ordered a quinoa salad which came with a variety of raw fresh veggies, including beetroots, shredded carrots, kale and salad greens. Scattered with almond flakes which adds a crunchy texture to this nourishing dish. The salad itself has a nutty taste from the almond and quinoa but the overall taste was rather bland, as not much sauce was added to it.


These red velvet rolls are made out of beetroot and nut goodness. The orange extract and the walnut filling makes this flavour taste absolutely devine! Although you cannot taste the beetroot, but instead it is used for nutritional purposes and for the natural organic colour. Tastes absolutely delicious! and keeps you full too!

IMG_9259 (1)

Sweet delicious and soft nutty cinnamon flavour. These raw rolls are full of natural organic sweetness and whole food nutrients. This cinmmaon dessert reminds me of cinnamon buns. The rich warming spice really adds a prominent taste. Inside the rolls consists of twirls of thick layers of soft cashew nuts and layers of deliciousness goodness.

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