Nut Free Breakfast

For those who want to cut down on nuts, i have made this delightful sugar free and nut free breakfast which includes fruits and seeds. This is quick and easy and only takes a few minutes to make. However you would need a processor for this recipe.

This recipe is absolutely gorgeous and is suitable for those who loves having cereal or granola in the morning!

The combination of dried fruits are the real deal for this meal! They really enhance the taste and overall eating experience as they are the main components to this delicious nut free breakfast. Great for breakfast as it is very quick to prepare. It is also ideal for a light snack, for those who feel a tad peckish!

This nut free breakfast is naturally sweet and consists of beneficial properties that will aid congestion, inflammation and cell renewal. The mixture of dates and black mulberries gives it a delightful chewy consistency. The chia seeds also provides a slight crunch that adds a delicious texture once eating all of the components inside the bowl!

These ingredients only consists of four simple ingredients:

* Organic Neglet Dates (choose your preference)

* Organic Black Mulberries

* Organic Chia Seeds

* Organic Coconut Milk (choose your milk preference)

Nut Free Breakfast 2

In the processor, pour all the contents excluding chia seeds and the coconut milk, and pulse them until all the fruit breaks down into pieces. You want the fruits to break down into tiny pieces for that chewiness consistency. Smaller pieces makes it easier to eat and digest. As oppose to larger pieces.

Nut Free Breakfast 3

Voila and then pour the contents into a bowl and add chia seeds and coconut milk. Allow the chai seeds to settle into the milk so that it forms a gel like surrounding. So it forms similar to a chia pudding gel consistency!

Munch away!

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