Decided to take advantage of the shopping centres and discovered this mall, Aventura based not so far from Miami South Beach. While shopping I briskly passed this health pop up cafe and stopped and analysed this present happy moment I discovered.

This place made me smile, as i couldn’t see anything in this mall that would cater to my nutritional needs, until i discovered this spot!

This cute, little open cafe is covered with healthy alternative snacks, kale chips, bars and raw cakes. On top of that they have a juice menu, that is made on the go. Which is superb, i rather have it fresh than in a bottle :)







I did end up buying these lemon cakes to take home and it tasted utterly coconutty and oily. The coconut oils are what my skin and body thrive for! This cake was utterly delicious! Tasted so lemony and sweet with a coconut twist to it! I loved how oily it was too, it just reminds me how important consuming these raw cold pressed fats are to heal and detoxify our bodies.

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