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Just opposite Choices Cafe, a convenient organic juice and smoothie bar was directly spotted from our window view.

Immediately I thought to myself i must pay a visit, for my own curiosity and diversity of experiencing the healthy, plant based lifestyle.

The small cafe was decorated with hay and bamboo sticks which reminded me of summer beach huts situated by the sea. With brightly coloured orange walls with bamboos placed against them, shows how the mimic of nature is so important to our perspective of a healthy brand, which is so true! As we see before we read!



The smoothie i had was absolutely delicious! An amazing smoothie for the summer and of course to heal my skin.
It consists of organic: papayas, pineapples, carrots and flax seed oil which all have rejuvenating properties and are ideal for healing problematic skin conditions, such as eczema.

Papayas have a natural occurring enzyme, papelain and pineapples have bromelain. These two specific enzymes are amazing for wound healing and skin repair.

Bromelain is a natural anti-inflammatory that derives from pineapples and is also a natural blood thinner. This means it promotes blood circulation in the body by minimising the production of compounds that causes swelling and pain. When bromelain is consumed, inflammation is therefore reduced. This means our blood are able to move easily to a traumatised area by relieving pain and accelerating the healing. Therefore pineapples decreases swelling, bruises, redness, tenderness and sprains, cause by muscle aches or from tissue damage such as damaged skin.

On the other hand, papain from papayas have amazing medicinal properties too! Papain are digestible enzymes that help our bodies digest protein in our gut, so that proteins can be digested and so inflammation does not occur from within. Otherwise undigestible foods would lead to other chronic illnesses. This definitely helps with leaky gut condition, which the majority of problematic skin sufferers have.

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