After coming back from my post holiday blues in Miami, I decided to go to Paris for a couple of days to take advantage of their shopping sales.

Paris is a perfect destination for sight seeing, rich in cultural history, shopping and of course french culinary. Although my problem is i do not eat typical traditional french meals that consists of the ever so buttery, warm croissants. Brightly artificially coloured and sugary macaroons that seem to be presented so lavishly in beautiful, luxury 17th century cafeterias. The famous, of them all, Laduree for instance. I cannot eat at those luxuriant places that demonstrates how unhealthy and expensive their poor nutritional foods are. Even though they are considered posh. With their high ceilings and beautiful chandeliers. Eating in an expensive restaurant is not necessarily mean eating clean, but more about enjoying the restaurants’ atmosphere. It is just a shame the majority of places do not serve nutritional quality organic foods. I would just love to see a luxuriant, french decor cafe that serves organic wholesome meals.

However Paris does have its fair share of healthy eateries, and although i am here only for a few nights, I do plan to go to a few. What i have realised is that in France, the majority of cafes/restaurants shut from at 3, and reopens for dinner for 6/7.
Anyways I am super excited to see what Paris has to offer and I cannot wait to try fresh, wholesome french style plant based dishes, in any setting, well I have no choice!




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