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So it is the time of the month to mingle and meet like minded foodies and brands who are darn right super health conscious and aware of the nourishing benefits of plant based foods. Super exciting!

A wonderfully festive event ran by Nutritiously Natasha and Gloriously Delicious who are both food bloggers who uses the philosophy of using food as medicine, to manage their chronic conditions. Creating a social gathering for those who are too on the same boat,(using plant based foods to naturally cure conditions) and for those who are just passionate about optimum plant based recipes.

This niche event was held at a cute, beautifully decorated raw vegan venue, Tanya’s Cafe in South Kensington, located inside Myhotel. The cafe itself is flourished with botanical plants hanging off from walls and covered with natural organic materials that emphasises the presence of nature. It resembles my idea, of a beautifully decorated garden.

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The idea of this event was to prepare a homemade plant based dish. Which could be anything from a savoury dish to a dessert, and importantly accompanied with an ingredient list too. All of dishes were gluten (except for one), unrefined sugar and dairy free aware. With the essential use of whole foods which aligns to our principles. It was such a creative, colourful and a beautifully presentable concept to learn and actually see other peoples’ creations and of course to get to know one another.

Very inspirational to see other like minded peoples’ homemade recipes. One of my favourite beautifully created festive cake I admired was created by Chelsea (aka Well_and _happy on instagram) and in fact she won one of the best presented dishes. Unfortunately I’ve been super busy this week and hadn’t had time to prioritise my creations and so i made some easy and quick energy bars. I will definitely prepare ahead for next time!

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A good cause from this event went to EDS Charity, which is a genetic connective tissue condition that is a multi-systemic syndromechronic nerve disease that Natasha has, and we contributed £200 towards the raffle which goes to this charity, which was absolutely an amazing cause!

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Another amazing attribute to this special day, was looking forward to see what was inside the goodie bags. Inside consisted of goodies from Ombar– Coco Mylk Chocolate, Raw Ecstasy– Pepitas which are activated pumpkin seeds and a delicious sample of Spoons granola. So generous of them to provide samples and discover new health and wellness brands that are definitely a must try.

A sample of Tanya’s Cafe Menu- If you have never been to this amazing cafe, you are definitely missing out! Everything is organic and raw and consists of whole food, enzymatic dishes and cold pressed juices that are super delicious and healthy. Amazing for those who want to discover more about raw plant based foods and for those who are health junkies! Everything is gluten and unrefined sugar free.

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Promotional Materials of:

lifebox– who deliveries a range of pick n mix healthy in the market superfood brands of your box choice. An amazing and innovative idea to discover new and try tasty and nourishing whole food snacks, some new brands I have not even seen, this is definitely a must try and taste!

Bonapeti– a new personal plant based delivery service who specialises your specific needs by a plant based chef(who also specialises pescetarian & omnivores) and have a variety of cultural food dishes. Such as Middle Eastern, Asian and Latin American influences. I will definitely would like to try their service out and discover their variety of exotic multi cultural plant based dishes. Sounds super convenient for those who have no time to prepare their meals, but want to be healthy and want to experience and taste healthier options. Oh and they also do same delivery to your door, once ordered from your electronic devices.

XtendBarre-a fitness club that provides fitness activities that fuses elements of : ‘dance, ballet and Pilates to create an adrenaline-fueled workout that strengthens, lengthens and chisels the body.’
Situated in Mayfair, with a range of activities that are obviously great for enhancing flexibility, improving your balance, and challenging the core. Definitely need to check this place out to improve and discover new ways to enhance my fitness levels.

Overall, I generally enjoyed this picnic event and cannot wait to mingle with other bloggers, food brands and try out new health and food services for optimum health and wellbeing. Bring on the next Picnic!

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