So this was by far the only cafe that was open on Christmas Eve which was located on South Beach.
Some of its produce are not organic, so it is important to enquire and ask the staff which dishes are organic or not. For instance my quinoa salad which was huge! was organic apart from the avocado. However avocados have a hard shell which protects them against chemicals, so they are not as bad as for example eating an inorganic apple.


This salad was gigantic! and kept me full till the late evening! It consisted of organic greens and delicious quinoa with a sweet honey and ginger salad dressing, which tasted delicious. The dressing was rather too sweet for my liking, so i only drizzled sparingly.

The interior of this cafe had a clean, fresh finish with a variety of protein bars and juices in the cafe.
It is a shame how the majority of food here are not organic, but overall the leafy green quinoa salad was enough for my lunch meal. The cafe menu consisted of a variety of salads which means their greens are organic, which is great. However the fruits there an inorganic.



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