This creamy raw ‘pasta’ dish is super healthy, as it is dairy and gluten free. Most conventional pasta dishes still contains harmful, unsafe, processed ingredients (wheat) that makes the majority of us feel overly bloated!

As this recipe is plant based, you will not experience the bloated feeling you would usually have from eating the traditional pasta type. This is because courgettes are easy on the digestive system and provides whole food nutrients which works with the body (traditional pasta is heavy on the digestive system due to its isolated missing nutrients from the processing of the ‘food’, which is no longer a whole food).As a result of isolated missing nutrients from the pasta creates a sluggish, uncomfortable feeling. This is because the body does not recognise missing/isolated nutrients, as it needs all of its nutritional compartments to work together in the body.This is when illnesses and conditions arise, as the body steals certain nutrients from certain parts of the body, such as the bones to compromise for its lost whole food nutritional compartments. So, as an alternative, courgettes are an amazing way to form ‘pasta’ like shapes, with the help of a spiralizer machine.

This dish has a creamy consistency, due to the texture of an avocado and has a refreshing and lemony, yet savoury flavour. The feathery plant, dill has a lovely taste which is delicious to use as a seasoning or sauce for a savoury dish.

The natural essence of dill is faint, which is almost a similar scent of aniseed. The herb has a slight sweeter fragrance than its dried fruits. Dill leaves an amazing aroma that will satisfy your taste buds and sense of smell.

Courgettes aids in weight loss .Due to its high dietary fibre content which helps you to shed off your excess pounds better as it contains high amounts of fibre (keeping you fuller for longer) and water which helps you to burn off more calories that you consume. Consuming courgettes are a healthier manner to loose weight without your body being depraved of its essential nutrients.

They are also full of vitamin C. Vitamin C are needed for the production of cell repair. It is medically known for speeding up the healing process of wounds and tissue growth and help with dental health by keeping gums and teeth in good shape.

This nutritional vegetable also contains B complex vitamins, such as vitamin B-1, B-2, B-3 and B-6 and folate. These helps with breaking down the sugar in your body whereas fiber and pectin are vital in regulating the blood sugar levels. This combination of Vitamin B, folates and fiber goes a long way in keeping type-2 diabetes at bay.

The ingredients for this recipe are:


– Dill

– 1/2 Lemon Juice

– 1 tablespoon of Himalayan Salt

– 1 Avocado


1 Courgette

A handful of Dehydrated Tomatoes


Dehydrated Tomatoes: I have used a mandolin to finely slice large tomatoes and then dehydrated them in the dehydrator for approximately 10 hours. Ready once completely dry.

Crushed Pumpkin seeds: Crush them in a mortar and pestel .


In a blender, combine the sauce contents and blend well until it has a smooth, thick consistency.

Spiralise the courgette, by chopping off the end of it and placing the whole courgette into the machine and wind it until it creates a courgetti.

Mix the sauce well with the courgetti and dehydrated tomatoes and sprinkle the crushed pumpkin seeds :D Enjoy!

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  • Looking forward to trying out the food at the Raw Dining club on 30 Jan with my son and his fiance. I am eating more vegan dishes and raw. My lifestyle is changing. Its just hard to eat out when this is rhe food you need but this is the start of searching out more places to eat. Love your recipes! Sue

  • Hi Sue!

    How was your experience and what did the others think? Did you meet Simon himself? He’s such a warming, friendly person!
    That’s amazing your lifestyle is changing! Keep it up! I agree it is difficult but life is not easy, especially if you have a chronic condition- i have no choice but to eat this way! and as a result i feel better and looking better! we need to remember that we live in such a toxic environment and that is the reason why many people have diseases!
    Eating antioxidants and nourishing plant based foods definitely improves our health and wellbeing as it removes toxins from our bodies !! I see this through my skin for example!

    If you go though my lifestyle page- I mention about organic vegan restaurants in London – and i am currently writing about eating abroad too. So don’t worry about searching for places to eat in London!

    A way to stay in contact with nature – is through food, so keep up with the motive :)

    Thank you for messaging me and if there is anything you’ll like to know more about this lifestyle don’t be shy to message back :)

    Alicia xx