Raw Caramel

I remember in my younger days, I was addicted to those crunchy fruit bars that made me heavily addicted.I literally was obsessed with them. Especially those unhealthy raw caramel slices, pretty much ate them several times a week. I loved the sweet and crunchy taste and texture that totally satisfied my taste buds (yet not aware of how it irritated my skin).
Of course these were full of nasty refined sugars, that made me become so hyper and itchy. It is obscene how conventional fruit bars are allowed to market to the public. Yet alone children!

However I have an alternative! These are guilt free raw caramel slices. Ideal for a sweet snack. That are made from whole foods. From nuts and fruits.

They are full of energy boosting super foods, to help you get through your busy day. You can’t beat this recipe as far as fruit combination and texture goes!

This is by far one of my favourite recipes!! The raw caramel slice is so delicious, sweet and tastes like caramel.
Delicious as an on a go snack. The mixture of dried fruits and cashew butter fuse together so well that they taste like caramel. Funny thing is that there is no caramel ingredients included what so ever.

It is also of course, gluten free. Instead of using oats, I have used Quinoa flakes to bind with the dried fruits, works very well!

The blueberries and figs adds a divine burst of tanginess, and the dates and cashew butter adds delightful flavours of sweetness to the whole experience. The texture of the blueberries, figs and quiona flakes adds a slight crunch when you bite into it. I love crunchy textures and it just makes the whole eating conscious experience so much more satisfying!

The cashew nut butter really adds that buttery and creaminess texture, without using dairy!. Amazing! The extra flavour and gooeyness of the cashew butter makes indulging totally guilt free. Yay! As it is full of amazing nourishing whole food ingredients!

The ingredients are:

* Dried Blueberries

* Dried Figs

* Dates

* Raisins

* Coconut Butter

* Vanilla Powder

* Cashew Nut Butter


In a processor, combine all the contents and pulse for a few times, until the cashew nut butter sticks with the dried fruits. Do not blend too long, otherwise the oils from the cashew nut will become too oily. Pulse until the nut butter fuses with the fruits. This will allow you to form a pâté .

With your fingers place the contents into a straight cake pan and cover the whole surface area.

When ready place it in the freezer and let it set for an hour

Enjoy! and tell me how it goes!

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