One of my other favourite hobbies are obviously enjoying eating out, that is catered to my health and nutritional needs. This means i am constantly socialising and discovering vegan restaurants throughout London. If i am abroad, i always make sure I see how far organic stores or restaurants are from my hotel to make life just a little easier and to learn and experience different vegan foreign dishes.

100% Raw vegan restaurant, situated in Notting hill. This place creates the most amazing beautifully decorated and mouthwatering dishes i have ever experienced in London. The presentation of these dishes alone, are just delightful just to look at and take photos of the master art works.

I have several dishes that are a must try!

Coconut Thai Curry


This dish is pretty impressing! considering I am half Thai, and always travelling to Thailand. This dish however, is not as spicy as the traditional one, but the coconut milk and the ginger and lemongrass herbs all adds bursts of exotic flavours that really does remind me of Thai Gaeng (Curry).

Kale Salad

This salad is refreshing and highly nutritious. It reminds me how important medical properties of dark greens are due to its kale scent. The combination of the salad sauce goes well with kale and the highly living alfafa sprouts.

photo (3)


This savoury dishes is amazing! It is like chilli con carne, but is totally cholesterol and processed free! The juicy tomato sauce and guacamole combines well with the raw crackers! Very filling meal too!

photo (5)

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