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As one can imagine, the Indian Ocean has a diversity of sea creatures in the Maldives.

A particular type of fish i found fascinating were the variety of starfish. These sea creatures in the Maldives come in different sizes and colours. The starfish pictured are called Sand Starfish.

beautiful sea creatures in the maldives

Types of Sea Creatures In The Maldives

Staying at the water villa suite at the Conrad Hotel gave us great advantages. Not just because of the beautiful ocean view. But we were luckily enough to be so close to the diverse amount of sea life found in our back ocean view.

Once in the sea, we were lucky enough to encounter several different types of sea creatures in the Maldives. Whilst being in the crystal clear water. I encountered this spiky, spotted fish. Not quite sure what it was, I was intrigued to go up close. However I  didn’t go too close. Incase I got into trouble. Just in case it could be something dangerous. I’m such a curious adventurer at times I just want to always explore. However I just went slightly close to film the beautiful animal. As I may never experience meeting one again.

I then realised, it was a puffer fish. These fish when in defence mode, are not puffy. They were deflated and completely flat and slender in shape and size. So luckily I did not go too close as they are highly toxic and dangerous. I’m so lucky I am alive. Ha.

Sea Creatures In The Maldives

This beautifully coloured creature is called a cushion starfish. This particular species caught my eye as its textures, colour and shape are incredibly extraordinary. It resembles a pentagonal pincushion and has short arms and a deflated appearance. This starfish is actually part of a rock, unlike other species. It is the most beautiful starfish i have ever encountered. As its pattern consists of tiny small orange spots. With different tones of yellows and orange. It Makes me treasure these special moments. Reasons why I love the sea.  As there’s always gems to be found. These sea creatures in the Maldives are incredibly gorgeous to look at. This encourages me to want to explore all the variety of starfish species all over the world.

sea creatures in the maldives island

I just couldn’t stop taking photos of these beautiful creatures and surround them with the beautiful rocky surroundings. With clear, crystal water a pretty picture is easy to create. As we went in the winter season, January we weren’t lucky enough to meet any string rays. Or see the Bioluminescent phytoplankton. Glowing phytoplankton which can only be seen at night. However I am so grateful to see what we could see.

sea creatures in the maldives island conrad rangali

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