I am such a breakfast enthusiast, and love the variety of fruits that can be combined to produce the ultimate, fruity chia pudding breakfast. Using food as a way to help the body is the most beneficial way to help us achieve our body’s state of health. So the best way to ease the body … Continue Reading

I’m super excited to discover the first ever raw vegan restaurant in Paris!! Can you believe it! Of all places.. Paris! This is definately a suprise by me because the french traditionally adore their cheese , and more importantly they are deeply connected to and proud of their cheese and baguettes! Situated just in front … Continue Reading

Whilst I was travelling down the east coast of Australia, I was luckily enough to discover a few lakes. This lake in particular, was absolutely mind blowing. Just being surrounded by the beautiful surroundings, created a sense of happiness. Maybe it was because I am able to have the opportunity to discover these natural surroundings … Continue Reading

Having a Zesty time in the Garden! Growing our own food brings great joy and happiness! Mother nature has intended to provide us with the best source of whole foods. That is why i absolutely love picking freshly grown lemons off our tree! Nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables from our very own garden are considerably … Continue Reading

I’m so excited to receive Happy Skincare’s Natural Deodorant!! This isn’t just any type of deodorant! It is 100% Natural, 51% Organic! A rather impressive little pot full of Skin Deep Goodness! It is of course Aluminium free! Unlike conventional Antiperspirants which are contaminated by toxins- such as the various types of Aluminium salts. Aluminium … Continue Reading

It is the time of the year to celebrate our love of Chocolate coated eggs, Bunnies and cute lil Chicks! I cannot wait to celebrate and prepare for the festive Easter holidays! The best part is actually preparing it the truthfully healthy way! By of course not including any conventional harsh ingredients. Such as white … Continue Reading

  Whilst spending my time in practising Yoga in Byron Bay, I decided to invite my English sweethearts to join me on a healthy de tour.  Around the wilderness of the hippy eco friendly town. I absolutely love Byron Bay. There is just so much beautiful sceneries to see. Oh and all the holistic retreats to … Continue Reading

I cannot believe it is Christmas!!!! Currently, i am in sunny Australia for Christmas Day! Celebrating Christmas is all about spending time with our close friends and loved ones and I am lucky enough to spend my first ever Christmas Dinner abroad in Manly, Australia. It sure feels completely different by not spending Christmas in … Continue Reading

At the moment i am currently in Australia. The reasons why i have decided to travel here is because Australia is one of many top green countries in the world. When i say ‘green’, i also refer to how beautiful and scenic this country has to offer. You can easily be surrounded by beaches, lakes … Continue Reading

I was so excited once entering this cute, small cafe which only took 6 miles from South Beach. The cafe itself is vibrantly decorated with bright painted walls and colourful pieces of artwork. This really reminded me of the art scenery in an area which is renown for its Art museums in Miami, Wynewood (similar … Continue Reading