Things To Bring To The Maldives

When we realised we were announced that we were going to the Maldives. I was so excited. I have always heard great feedback from friends about their Maldives trip. These are the reasons why I am writing tips about what things to bring to the Maldives.

Things To Bring To The Maldives

Of course temperatures are incredibly high. Especially for someone like me, who is constantly at the beach and is always tanned. Always busy soaking up some serious Vitamin Sea. Or I’ll say Vitamin D.

A hat, is for sure a necessity. I am not really a hat person but in case you want to cool down and there is no shade. A hat are one of those things to bring to the Maldives.

An inflatable toy, such as a floaty. We brought three. A lollipop, pineapple and a pizza. Why is a floaty so important?

things to bring to the maldives conrad hotel

Well it is because the Maldives, especially Rangali Island. Consists of pristine crystal, clear water. It would honestly be a shame to not take any great content. Ways to create a variety of ocean shots are to include props and accessories. To spark our ocean love content up, by posing with a floaty essential.

Problem is we did not have enough time to play around with the pizza floaty. Even though we were there for a week. We were constantly busy creating content and experiencing new ocean discoveries.  So we will save that content making for our next trip. Must not forget the pizza.


This is so vital. I cannot state how important it is to bring at least one tech device. To capture treasured moments.

So we brought four different cameras. One DSLR, Iphone Camera, Drone and a Go Pro.

Maldives is incredibly beautiful and it seriously would be such a shame if one didn’t even bother to bring a camera. I mean just everything about this island is incredibly drop dead gorgeous. I now completely understand why couples come here for their honeymoon.  The natural blue, clear water, the hotel layout, the rooms. The food, the sea creatures, birds (yes there is one big white crane that is always chilling outside the underwater restaurant), boat activities. You name it, there’s so much to take photos of.

things to bring to the maldives island

Of course we are content creators so every minute is like a photoshoot. But seriously on land and in water there’s plenty to capture.

important things to bring to the maldives


This is the obvious, but I may as well reinforce the importance of protecting ourselves from excess sun exposure.

Things not to bring, are shoes. We happily walked 24/7 around Conrad, Rangali Island without any shoes and it felt great. As the transportation is either, boat, sea plane (arrival and depatures) or a golf cart. But if you visit any local island, you would probably want to wear flip flops. Even so shoes are not needed.

Grounding is the way. It felt so relaxing and so natural to just allow our bare feet to be expose to one of its natural ground, sand.


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