Conrad Hotel ,Maldives, Rangali Island

Capturing the Beauty of Nature. The love of the ocean truly inspires me to emphasise  the most Beautiful Sceneries around the World. Heavily Focusing on the Nature and its Surroundings. Especially my love of the Ocean and Sea Life.

My Snorkelling Experience in the Indian Ocean sure makes me crave swimming in the salty water. The Secrets of the sea are indeed miracles. A world full of life, movement and energetic creatures.  These tropical species of organisms allures my curiosity to explore more. Our Oceans Are Our Home. We forget how important it is to discover new experiences. Aquatic adventures. Especially deep in the sea.

Water allows us to play and venture out to the unknown. A place for new discoveries. Yet we forget how precious our ocean experiences are.  Fish and luscious aquatic sea life are the reasons why the sea is our lifeline. The ocean has so much to offer. Yet we are not fully aware of the ocean discoveries.

Wonderful Croatia 

Let Your Mediterranean Fantasies Feature Balmy Days By Sapphire Waters

Exploring The Old Town of Dubrovnik.  Swimming in the Adriatic Sea. Capturing The Peaceful sunset in Orebic. Mesmerising the Glittery Hvar Waterfalls. Croatia is truly spectacular. Full of old ancient architecture and beautiful scenic nature. A true adventurer seeks to explore here.

Our Video has been Featured in The Travel Bible Magazine