Turtle Watching in Kauai


Along the shore of Napali coast awaits an adventure tour Go Blue Adventures. This tour includes a boat ride that begins on the southwest side of Kauai. Trailing the coast to the north western edge of the island. This tour guarantees turtle watching in Kauai.

As we began our turtle watching in Kauai  I was immediately taken away by the beautiful mountain views. Not only the views from the canyons and waterfalls of Kauai, but also of the islands in the distance. Our tour guide Cody informed our tour group about a distant island called Ni”ihau which is apparently off limits to any visitors.

The “forbidden island” is inhabited by an older demographic of Islanders who were born on the island and live minimalistically. There is no power. No paved roads, not even telephone services. The only way to get a glimpse of the island is by helicopter.  Which isn’t even permitted to land on the island.

Turtle Watching in Kauai overlooking the mountains

Sailing closer to the more picturesque canyons and cliffs of the Napali coast we spotted dolphins swimming by private beaches. They surrounded our boat as we were able to see them swim and jump all around us.

However do not forget the turtle watching in Kauai. There were plenty of turtles bopping above the waves of the ocean.

Continuing on the Northern edge I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of caves that are located on the base of these tall mountains. Cody, our tour guide very skillfully allowed us to see the depths of the caves as he waited for low tides and carefully backed our boat into the caves to catch a glimpse of the beautiful natural landscape. One of these caves is a special location where brave and adventurous couples go to get married. In this cave there is a rock that is in the center, surrounded by water. On this rock, couples share their vows, seal their marriage with a kiss and dive into the surrounding water together to signify their marriage. This sounded like a truly adventurous way to get married for all of the adventurous souls. 

Turtle Watching in Kauai on Na Pali Coast

And if you are lucky enough you’ll be able to see some turtle watching in Kauai.

Kauai is known for its captivating views that are featured in countless movies like Indiana Jones, Jumanji and King Kong. The lavish forest and beautiful sites truly make you feel as if you’re somewhere very unique on earth. As we continued along the coast we actually saw the famous cliff that resembles the head of King Kong and was filmed in the movie.

Turtle Watching in Kauai on Na Pali Coast Island

As we continued along the tour, Cody stopped at one of the Go Blue Adventure’s site for capturing a photo jumping into the ocean with our first beautiful view of the NaPali Coast. 

Turtle Watching in Kauai on Na Pali Coast

Turtle Watching in Kauai Island

At our next stop we were able to spend time snorkeling in the water. After taking the plunge, we were pleasantly surprised by the sea turtles that were wandering slowly through the waters amidst the colorful fishes.


Turtle Watching in Kauai Island of Hawaii

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