Vegan In Malta


Surprisingly I have been Vegan in Malta to a few places in Europe,(reason being is because I’ve lived in London for the majority of my life and wanted to explore outside and beyond!) and always wanted to see more of Europe’s scenic landscapes. So I decided to travel to Malta for a week to seek adventure.

Vegan in Malta

The beautiful sunny weather which lasts all year round and beautiful coastal lines would be perfect for a vegan in Malta.

A vegan in Malta would enjoy the beautiful sceneries and touring here but may lack places that would serve vegan food. It is pretty much un heard of here as Maltese food are a combination of Italian, Arab and Mediterranean. Which are all not so vegan friendly.

Although I am not vegan, I am very much so conscious of what I eat. So I was lucky enough to come across this cute, small shop, Theobrama. A raw cacao chocolaterie which also consists of organic ingredients. Amazing for a vegan in Malta who loves their chocolates and snacks. And for those Paleo loving bunch!

Vegan In Malta 2

Theobrama is situated at 123, Old Theatre Street in Valletta. This brand is a sister company of The Grassy Hopper (vegan restaurant).

Vegan mALTA 8

This cute mini organic place is ideal for take away service, as there isn’t much space to sit (although there is a table that fits for two).

Vegan Malta 6

Their Rose and Espresso Chocolate Brownie are my favs! Delicious and healthy with no guilt, they are probably one of my favourites chocolate places in the world!

Rich with flavour and intensity for those who are addicted to healthy chocolate in Malta I definately recommend this place to nibble and sip their delicious drinks. Their ice coffee drink is one of my favs, sweetned with coocnut nectar and made with homeamde almond milk. What more could I ask for?

Vegan Malta 4


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