Whilst spending my time in practising Yoga in Byron Bay, I decided to invite my English sweethearts to join me on a healthy de tour.  Around the wilderness of the hippy eco friendly town. I absolutely love Byron Bay. There is just so much beautiful sceneries to see. Oh and all the holistic retreats to explore.

My adventure Practising Yoga in Byron Bay

So we decided to spontaneously venture out for a Vinyasa yoga session. This was not just an ordinary yoga class, it was actually located in a farm. Surrounded by fields and fields of nature and wild life. From chucks to cute little piglets.

The cute reasonably sized Yoga Barn, had a clean white wooden feel to it. The use of white painted wooden panels reinforces the ‘purity.’ This signifies the importance of clearing your mind. To try and remove scatter thoughts and feelings in our heads. The whiteness of the beautiful yoga space definitely helped rest my mind body and soul. A place for peace and tranquility.

Yoga Stretching in byron bay

White is one of the most common colours found in nature. The colour of sunlight, milk, chalk. Limestone, snow and other organic materials found in mother nature. Being surrounded by a white space sure did purified my mind and soul.  This enabled me to concentrate and practise my vinyasa yoga. Very calmly.

This space, could fit about seven people comfortably and the actual practise itself was absolutely relaxing and much needed after our travelling from Sydney to Byron Bay. A reason for playing yoga in Byron Bay 

yoga mat in byron bay

This place is not just a yoga farm situated in a field, in fact they have their own self contained restaurant, Three Blue Ducks. That uses their own home grown produce- which of course is mainly organic and eco friendly. With a sustainable twist. Inside, there is also a selection of natural, healthy beauty products and a range of healthy snacks and food gifts. I will of course share the next post about their delicious, eco friendly restaurant in the next posts!

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