Zimmermann Polka Dot One Piece Swimsuit

Winter season in Sydney and this is my first ever shoot in a Zimmermann Polka Dot One Piece Swimsuit. Not so bad though, the weather seems to be delightfully sunny and there seems to be no wind. Beautiful weather for a wintery day, here in Tamarama Beach.

Today I wanted to share with you guys some of my favourite swim wears from one of my most favourable Aussie brand, Zimmerman!

Zimmermann Polka Dot One Piece Swimsuit 3

Zimmermann is an elegant, luxury, cat walk brand. That uses beautiful and delicate varieties of hand crafted fabrics. Their style and clothing line are so unique, with a high end boho chic style.

When I saw this Zimmermann Polka Dot One Piece Swimsuit I just had to get it! The ruffles in particular are the highlight of this piece ! They are a statement of the piece, more like a fashionable catwalk item rather than a bikini. However I’ll still wear it at the beach although I may feel a bit over dressed! But what can I say I love dressing up and wearing unique outfits. That haves a fashionable statement.

Zimmermann Polka Dot One Piece Swimsuit 4

The three elegant layers of this piece gives it an elegant fashionable statement. That really makes this overall piece stand out from the crowd. This piece is for those who want to stand out at the beach! It is definitely an attention seeking beautiful piece. That I absolutely love and would wear for special occasions. I wouldn’t quiet swim in it, but obviously wear it to tan and to wear for a special beach wear party by the sea.

Zimmermann Polka Dot One Piece Swimsuit 6

The embroidered lace tiers at both corners of my shoulders elaborates extra frilliness. Including an open racer back, which adds that sexy back exposure. Overall this piece is a fun, young girly piece!

This outfit is one of my favourite swimwear pieces from Zimmerman and is defo a great luxury purchase!

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